Visiting Writer Series

Jesmyn Ward visited Lenoir Rhyne University as a part of the school’s visiting writer series. She talked to the community about her work and career as a writer. she answered questions regarding her writing process and inspiration for the novels she writes. She gave answers that you would expect from a writer, but there is a huge difference between her and other authors. A lot of her writing is from her very own first person account. This is a question that you don’t have to ask her because of her life story she gave in her presentation, and if you are familiar with any of her writings. You will be quick to realize that a lot of the events in the story were from a first person view. which brings an element of reality to her writing that most fiction writers couldn’t do. In her award wining novel “Salvage the bones” it follows a families struggle through hurricane Katrina. It uses very descriptive language of the situation at hand but that’s not what separates her writing from others. Her writing style where she really pours her feelings into her characters emotions is what makes her different from others. the way the characters in her story react to certain situations, and their fear for survival makes her story so real and vivid. When you read her novel you can almost tell that the writer went through some struggles of her own and that’s what makes her writing great.

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